Waiting For Miss P. (A Co-Blog!)

Primpin Ain't Easy

I’m wondering how long I’ll be waiting for her to finish getting dressed this time. (I’ve lost count of the times we’ve done this.) One of the things I’m jealous of is the amount of clothes that women get in SL compared to what the men get. It’s really a pain when you’ve got an idea for something but there just is no real way to accomplish it given the options available. Then I watch Portia spend all kinds of time trying to figure out what to wear. Safe to say I’m a bit more glad to have fewer options then. Continue reading

The Light ~ We <3 RP Preview

Holy wow, busy few days!

I have been having the absolute BEST time styling for this month’s round of We <3 Role Play (opening TODAY at 3pm SLT) and, gosh, it’s a great feeling to get back into blogging with a bang like this. Like anything, the more you do the easier it gets and the bug has hit me HARD with a couple of looks that haven’t made their way up here yet. This one jumped to the front of the list, though, and I’m sure you can see why. :D

When it hits, inspiration is glorious!

The Light.png

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Confessions of a Closet Apothecary (Cloth-a-cary)

The Alchemist

Okay, confession time.

I have a lot of stuff.

I know, I know; I’m a blogger and stuff is what I’m supposed to collect. It’s true. What might not be readily apparent is how much I love doing it and, even more than that, how much I LOVE anything even remotely magical. Bottles,¬†books and beakers; skulls, candles and glowing things .. if I don’t already have it, well, ..I need it. Please. Just point me in the right direction and stand to one side!

The Alchemist.png

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Almost Alice

“I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time
And every creature lends themselves to change your state of mind
And the girl that chased the rabbit, drank the wine, and took the pill
Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels”
Shinedown – Her Name Is Alice


Ah sweet Shinedown. That song (which is below) may have played through my head over and over while I was messing around with this idea. Continue reading

Bring on 2016.


There’s always change in every year for everyone. Whether it be big or small it is inevitable. This year proved to be a year of big changes for me personally both in and out of Second Life. I’ve never been a huge fan of change as I tend to be the type of person who gets set in their ways and just kind of goes with the flow. It’s served me well for a while but this year kind of opened my eyes to the benefit of not doing that.

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