Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today

Or was it the day before yesterday? Or maybe the day before that?

Suffice it to say, I have been siiiiiiick for quite a few days and, unlike my sweetheart of a sisser Cady (gorgeous new posts on her blog, btw), I have a hard time focusing on prettiness when I feel anything but.

I wanted so badly to start covering the Tomorrow Today event as soon as it was open to the public; I took these pictures on Oct 31st but .. ugh. Editing just wasn’t happening until this morning. Anyway, the event will be running through the end of November and is a fundraiser to support our very own Matchbook Monday (designer of Amorous jewelry <3).

A bit of info:

This event is to raise funds for a dental surgery procedure that will greatly improve Ms. Monday’s quality of life. The full details can be found on her blog here so please read her very moving letter and drop by the sim for your beginning-of-month shopping. Every little bit helps.

( I have a close-up of these beautiful new eyes HERE .. you’ll never guess who made them. )

So talking about clothes, both outfits are available at Tomorrow Today! Sassy’s ‘Bombshell’ dress (above) completely takes my breath away AND it comes with a handy mesh skirt panel for the ultimate streamlined silhouette. Along similar lines is the Shine outfit I’ve put together (below) featuring a faux fur vest and the NEW Italian-length pencil skirt. So flipping pretty!

IKON has made an appearance at TT as well, offering four completely new shades of his Kaleido eyes for this event: Crystal (above), Hard (below), Molten and Shadow, which I will feature in my next post, whee!

( Hard eyes .. soft lips. )

~ Portia ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*ice *REDGRAVE*
IKON Kaleido Eyes – Crystal ~ Available @ Tomorrow Today! ~
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Glitter 01
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce

/Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair – Rye ~ Available @ Tomorrow Today! ~

~Sassy!~ Bombshell dress – white ~ Available @ Tomorrow Today! ~
[Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Point Court

~Sassy!~ Bombshell gloves – white ~ Available @ Tomorrow Today! ~
Chop Zuey ~ Ajisai Earrings Wht
Chop Zuey ~ Ajisai Necklace Wht/D

Pose: Olive Juice


Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Kaleido Eyes – Hard ~ Available @ Tomorrow Today! ~
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 04 Audrey
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce
cheLLe – (makeup) Frenching Marion

::Exile:: Like Lovers Do:Stefani

[ZD] MESH BELTED FUR VEST black ~ Available @ Tomorrow Today! ~
Ingenue :: Cindy:: Licorice

[celoe.mery.gloves.mine.S] (I couldn’t resist, okay?! Stop looking at me like that!)

Pose: Clique

Shine on, Match. We love you. <3