… and now for something completely different!

Although when you think about it, it isn’t so different.

While male and female avatars have their separate shopping and styling challenges, I think the principles are the same:

1) Find a store.
2) Love the store.
3) Live in clothing from said store.

Am I wrong?

( World, meet Clark! Clark, these are my readers. :D )

“Whoa, Portia!” you might say, “how did you grow that stubble?!” ¬†Haha, the answer is that with the release of Shine by [ZD]’s menswear line, Sharp, I’ve decided to try my hand at masculinity. Sort of. It was hard to style an outfit without earrings or scarves or necklaces or makeup or fancy mesh eyelashes but you know? I LIKE this.

Both outfits, pictured above and below, are available right now at Sharp’s temp store and guys? They are NOT expensive. This may be one of my favourite things about these brands. Yes, they’re gorgeous and slightly different from what we’re used to, but even more than that .. they’re very, very attainable (thank you, Ceci! <3).

( “Hello, Ladies. I enjoy long bubble baths and classic movie marathons; ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ anyone?” )

There’s only one problem I’ve noticed with this avatar since creating him. He’s on MY main account so, as ever, I am lacking for cuddles. Oops.

~ Clark ~

– Skin TYLER – Pale / 02 -HB- beardshadow+Hairbase – REDGRAVE
IKON Eternal Eyes – Mint ~ NEW!

[Atro Patena] – Neil_Coffee ~ NEW(est)!

sharp by [ZD] MESH Business Suit Jacket grey ~ NEW!
sharp by [ZD] MESH Business Suit Pants grey ~ ALSO NEW!
sharp by [ZD] MESH Business Suit Shirt with Tie black  ~ YEP, NEW!
sharp by [ZD] MESH Brogues black ~ NEW TOO!
=DeLa*= Socks “Basic” Jetblack Crews (yes, they’re girl socks but look! No bare ankles!)

BALACLAVA!! Roux Reader (black)


sharp by [ZD] MESH LONGSLEEVE knit uni black


Poses: Olive Juice
Everything Else: ReBourne, Abiss, VEA Digital Media

P.S. – With a brand named Sharp? How do you NOT think about this song? It’s in my head now and it will be stuck in yours – MWAHAHAHA!