Love, Light, and Godspeed!

Happy Birthday Chop Zuey!

This is the first and most important thing I want to say this morning and I still can’t quite believe that Chop Zuey Couture Jewllery is SIX years old this weekend! SIX! 

Let’s just sit back and think about that for a minute, yeah?

Six years as a designer, a brand, and a truly dedicated content creator in Second Life and after nearly twenty-two HUNDRED days on the grid, Belle Roussel’s jewellery continues to inspire as she, herself, is inspired. If I sound like a bit of a fangirl, it’s because I am. Belle was one of the first people I encountered in SL that showed an interest in my work as a stylist and for that, I am so grateful. Humbled. Still kind of amazed, haha. <3

CZ Birthday and We Heart 2048sq

So the jewellery featured in this post is actually FREE; I think it’s important to say that right off the bat as well. If you’re already in the ::CHOP ZUEY COUTURE:: in-world group, all you need to do is pop over there and pick up your prize! If you aren’t in the group yet, there is a fee to join but I hope you believe me when I say that the quality and frequency of group gifts available to women AND to men are just astounding.

Thugs-n-Kisses Set

And you get cute notices like this one:

A Quick Note from Belle:

CHOP ZUEY & I would like to Thank all it’s loyal Customers – People who have become like Family over the Years.

I know that none of the GREAT SUCCESS CHOP ZUEY has seen over these 6 years would have been possible without all of you here by my side.

FROM THE HEART – Truly would like to thank each and every one of you and wish you all Many Blessings, Love, Light & Godspeed!!!

Your Belle


CZ Birthday and We Heart 2048

I do want to take a bit more of your time to talk about the other amazing items in this picture because, not only is this a Chop Zuey Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA, but it’s also my second We <3 Role-Play preview; probably my last before the event opens at 3PM SLT today (October 4th).

Pre-Photoshop Pic
Pre-Photoshop Pic

The Wings: Caught me completely off-guard, to be honest, because the vendor picture for these Material Squirrel ‘Aeyron’ Wings (Light Set) does not do them justice! Heck, I hardly feel like this picture does them justice! I went with the gold option for this picture and they are just gorgeous in-world. Interestingly enough, they work very well with …

The Hair: from Tukinowaguma! I’m always on the lookout for fun and fashion-y hair and I have to say that I was amazed to see that all -three- styles available at this month’s round of We <3 RP are winners. I love the shape of this one, especially as it echoes the curling feathers in the Aeryon wings! Technically, most of what we encounter in Second Life is 3-Dimensional but this hair .. it’s hard to explain. Maybe try the demo and see if you can do a better job of it than me? ;)

The Sandals: Lassitude & Ennui is one of the two featured designers for the October round of We <3 Role-Play, which means that you will find them RIGHT at the landing point after teleporting on-sim. They are fitmesh for Slink Physique but if you don’t mind a bit of clipping, they’re fine to wear with other body options. Yes, they’re that nice with bonus points for including silver, gold, and black buckle options. Love them! Will wear many, many times (even with miniscule clipping<3).

Map October 1st
Designer Location Map for October’s We <3 Role-Play


Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Rose Pale ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Quicksilver ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Bag ~ Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat ~ Siddean Munro
Lashes: .: Mai Bilavio :. World Tour Collection Strip-Lash in London ~ Mai Bilavio
Makeup: DeeTaleZ Makeup NATURAL Lip shades ~ Steffi Villota
Nail Applier: :[P]:- Slink Nails:// Gala ~ Aikea Rieko

Hair: *TKW* Vanda ~ Kateforster Akina ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (October 2015)

Dress: erratic / adriana – dress / ivory (maitreya) ~ Erratic Rain ~ Available at Uber (Oct. 2015)

Sandals: lassitude & ennui Astarte sandals white / gold Slink fitmesh ~ Jackal Ennui ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)

Jewellery: Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery ~ Thugs N Kisses Set ~ Belle Roussel ~ NEW GROUP GIFT!

Stole: ::GB:: Feather stole female / white ~ Takuya Jinn
Wings: Material Squirrel ~ Aeryon Wings – Light Set – Kala Bijoux ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)

Pose 1: !bang 547 ~ Luna Jubilee
Pose 2: *PosESioN* Africa ~ Dahriel

Champagne: [ keke ] champagne bubblissimo bucket – gold/- pink RARE -/-champagne glass – coupe ~ Kean Kelly ~ Gacha Items

Don’t Fear the Reaper ~ October We <3 RP Preview Post

Oh wow, so when did it start being October?! Is anyone else having this feeling of days just ‘whoosh’ing past like so many autumn leaves rustling across the sidewalk? If so, you’ll be happy to realize that you are that much closer to the newest cycle of  We <3 Role-Play (We <3 RP). Yes, October ‘We <3’ opens TOMORROW afternoon and I am so so SO excited to be sending my first official preview post to you tonight. Yes, tonight! Huzzah!

We Heart October Preview 1 2048

I had such a fantastic time putting this picture together, mainly because the result you see above was almost nothing like what I started with last night. I knew as soon as the preview pictures started coming in that I wanted to work with Bee Dumpling’s ‘Invoking Autumn’ gown but it wasn’t until I found the charming flower jewellery from *N*COSMOS that I finally decided on the purple dress. Now, if you’ve peeked at my blog before, you’ll see that I don’t use the colour as often as I could (or really at all) but let me tell you .. I’ve been buying absolutely everything in purple and grey lately, setting it off with hints of gold, green, and white – kind of the way I did in this picture. Crazy, no?

Where it all started!
How it all started!

Another important element of this picture is the background. I wanted to start with a relatively dull background so the purple would really stand out; the meadowWorks Gargoyles from this round of We <3 RP are flipping -gorgeous- and I feel like they bring an interesting feel to this setup that is completely enhanced by the dark-wood pavilion from ~*Souzou Eien*~ (~*S.E.*~). I’m hoping to showcase it a little better in a future post. ;)

A friend remarked to me this morning that the build for this picture reminded him of an execution ground and at first I laughed it off – when he started to explain his reasoning, I found myself in complete agreement .. but I wasn’t going to put a gallows in my picture, not if I was already stone-walling the beautiful gothic pavilion. The autumn leaf motif in the gown’s skirt was screaming for more colour in the background. Season-change trees and shrubs from Jian (that you can also pick up at We <3 RP) were a low-LI and pretty solution to the problem. And gosh, I was so excited to bring out the silver sickle I found in an Apple Fall (AF) gacha machine months and months and months ago!

So instead of an execution theme, we ended up with a reaping; kinda creepy with the gargoyles and gothic wood. I amped it up from there with sexy demon-looking hair from Tukinowaguma and if you look very, very closely you should be able to see the succubus claws that fit perfectly on my mesh feet.

Are you excited to go to We <3 RP yet? :D


Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Rose Pale ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Storm ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1, Bag ~ Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid ~ Siddean Munro
Lashes: .: Mai Bilavio :. World Tour Collection Strip-Lash in London ~ Mai Bilavio
Makeup 1: DeeTaleZ Makeup NATURAL Lip shades ~ Steffi Villota
Makeup 2: !Musa! Eyeshadow Vera Dark Forest ~ Filomena Quinnell
Nail Applier: Hello Dave VIPs – Autumn Morning ~ Maia Gasparini
Claws: [Gauze] Succubus Claws – Yukio Ida ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (October 2015)

Hair: *TKW* Aneta 2 ~ Kateforster Akina ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)

Gown: The White Armory ~ Invoking Autumn Gown Set-Fitmesh-With Jewel ~ Bee Dumpling ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)

Hair Flowers: *N*COSMOS HAIR DRESS #1 & #2 MID ~ Taiko McCaw ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)
Flower Ring & Bracelet: *N*COSMOS RING MID, WRISTBAND MID ~ Taiko McCaw ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)
Sickle: AF/AL Silver Sickle ~ Apple Fall ~ Gacha Item

Pose: *PosESioN* Eloise ~ Dahriel

Pavilion: ~*S.E.*~ Little Renaissance Pavilion (Rect- Gothic)~ Draconias Timeless ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)
Gargoyle Columns: meadowWorks – Gothic Gargoyle on Column ~ Garvie Garzo ~ NEW @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)
Wall: TDE ~ Garden Wall -main section ~ Domineaux Prospero
Trees: Jian – Ash Tree ~ jiansl ~ Available @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)
Shrubs: Jian – Boxwood Shrub ~ jiansl ~ Available @ We <3 RP (Oct. 2015)
Urn: MudHoney Wooden Urn ~ Ravyn Hynes

Background: Turnip’s Skydome 2.0, Enchanted Texture Collection ~ Turnip Sorbet

Not Shown: Hair: Exile::The Countess ~ Kavar Cleanslate


Sometimes it’s nice to settle back and enjoy them, right?

Falling 2048

I can’t say enough how fortunate I am to have a partner that enjoys some of the things I do or, well, at least if he isn’t SUCH a huge fan of shopping and styling (yet), we give one another enough space to do the things we like and come together at the end of the day for moments like this one. Sure, I may not always photograph them, but when Lucky goes out of his way to coordinate with what I’m wearing (I didn’t ask him to wear a pink top or shoes <3) I’m reminded all over again that I’m a lucky, lucky lady. <3



Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Rose Pale ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Quicksilver ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1 ~ Siddean Munro
Lashes: .: Mai Bilavio :. World Tour Collection Strip-Lash in London ~ Mai Bilavio
Makeup 1: DeeTaleZ Makeup NATURAL Lip shades & Gloss ~ Steffi Villota
Nail Applier: Hello Dave – Nail Appliers – Select Few – Matte ~ Maia Gasparini

Hair: Besom~ September Day ~ Kattington ~ New @ N.21 (September/October 2015)

Jacket: *COCO*_CroppedDenimJacket(InkBlue) ~ Cocoro Lemon
Shirt: Emery Cecilia Top Dark Berry for Lara ~ Sunami Beck ~ New @ Collabor88 (Sept. 2015)
Shorts: -Pixicat- Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted – Blue (Maitreya) ~ Areve ~ New @ Kustom9 (Sept. 2015)
Leggings Applier: Gawk! Black Cotton Leggings – Maitreya Body Applier ~ Mell McMahon
Socks Applier: :AC: Garter Socks[Neutral Collection] ~ Ashton Tryce
Shoes & Socks: FATEstep – Nylon Chucks & Socks – Damien Fate (More about THESE later!)

Necklace: Cae :: Geek Love :: Necklace ~ Caelan Hancroft
Rings: LaGyo_Layered rings ~ Gyorgyna Larnia ~ Available @ The Chapter Four (Sept. 2015)


Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Sean Skin – (Tone 6)
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1 ~ Siddean Munro ~ STILL NEW!!
Eyes: .ID. Tropical Brights / Mesh Eyes ~ Josh Figgis
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE ~ Siddean Munro
Ears: Plug Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA] ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Beard: ..: SAAL Body Inc :.. FACIAL HAIR Beard (Black Hair) ~ Saalskin
Tattoo: (This needs an entire post on its own. Seriously.)

Hair: *Trailerstar* Mohawk Ver 2 ~ Nich Shilova

Shirt: etham – Desmond Thermal Shirt ~ Stephenweiss ~ New @ N.21 (Sept/Oct. 2015)
Jeans: Bueno-Lexi Denim Jeans Faded ~ Buenosl
Shoes: FATEstep – Ziggy Chucks – Damien Fate (Review is IMMINENT)

Piercings: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*LIP PIERCE2/C ~ Rozoregalia Braveheart
Necklace: MALE_[MANDALA]OKAKI Dog tag Necklace/SILVER ~ Kikunosuke Eel

Pose: !bang – insieme ~ Luna Jubilee

House: REDGRAVE – GREYSTONE Mansion ~ Dean Ashby
Leaves: Kalopsia – Flying leaves (orange)/Maple Hideaway Set ~ Isabeau Baragula ~ New @ N.21 (Sept/Oct. 2015)
Sign & Pumpkin 1: The Hive – Pumpkin Cart Set ~ TheHiveStore ~ New @ N.21 (Sept/Oct. 2015)
Pumpkin 2: *AF* Stony Hollow Pumpkins ~ Artizanmesh ~ New @ We <3 RP (Sept. 2015)

Do You See?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: September has been SUCH a great month for shopping!

With the opening of the latest rounds of The Arcade, We <3 RP (We <3), Collabor88 (C88), Kustom9, The Secret Affair (TSA) and now The Fantasy Collective (TFC), I feel like it’s important to take a step back and appreciate all of the gorgeous items that have been put before us by some of the grid’s most fantastic designers. There’s been a real trend toward the arcane, bringing a fantasy element, which I love, into our mainstream fashion community. This, more than anything, is what I like to highlight in my blog posts and photographs. It’s what I like to bring into everything I do and what I hope to continue through the coming months. Fashion is life; it’s art, beauty, and it can be magicalSeptember Witch 2048

I’ll admit that I went a little crazy when I saw the new >glYph< gown at TFC and I spent a long time debating which colour I wanted to get for myself, even if you can’t see the colour detail so much in this picture (but of course there will be a ton of posts featuring it in the very near future). The collar that comes with it as well is just gorgeous and I love the neck ruff as it draws attention to the beautiful ruffles all around the back of the gown. It struck me as a masquerade gown so I took the time to trawl through my inventory, coming up with a great tattoo layer lace mask (by Miamai in 2010!). Amazing how the detail holds up even now, isn’t it? The lace tattoo is a new find from C88; [White~Widow] did an amazing job lining everything up for the mesh body I simply cannot do without. Seriously, it pains me to take this thing off.

The jewellery, too, is an old favourite from Chop Zuey; any time I can wear bracers and arm bands in-world, I like to make that happen. ;) I like the way the pieces work with the neckpiece and tattoos, enhancing the styling rather than overtaking it. <3


Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Rose Pale ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Quicksilver ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1 ~ Siddean Munro
Lashes: .: Mai Bilavio :. World Tour Collection Strip-Lash in London ~ Mai Bilavio
Makeup 1: DeeTaleZ Makeup NATURAL Lip shades ~ Steffi Villota
Mask: Miamai_LesMakeups_Laced 03 ~ Monica Outlander
Nail Applier: :[P]:- Slink Applier Fingernails:// Starstuff ~ Aikea Rieko
Tattoo Appliers: [White~Widow – HIGH] Altar – Black ~ Julie Hastings ~ New @ We <3 RP (Sept. 2015)

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Snowdrift hair – M4ri1yn Magic
Gown & Collar: >glYph< Emilie Gown cobalt ~ Cry Hawker ~ New @ TFC (September 2015)

Jewellery: Chop Zuey ~ Rocinante’s Curve Silver ~ Belle Roussel

Pose: *PosESioN* Amethyst ~ Dahriel

Prefab: Classical White – (RageWorks) ~ Ragedesign

Candelabra 1: Meva Candelholder 3 Flame Bronze ~ Mea Carnell ~ New @ TFC (Sept. 2015)
Candelabra 2: tarte. candelabra {pearl} ~ Alixxbella
Bottles 1: *AF* Apothecary Oils ~ Artizanmesh ~ Gacha Item
Bottles 2&3/Amethyst/Feather/Cauldron/Sage Brooms: Soy. Essentials of Witchcraft Set ~ Soyoy ~ New @ Collabor88 (Sept. 2015)
Books, Matches: flowey x Teawood / Witchy Clutter ~ Flutter Memel ~ New @ Collabor88 (Sept. 2015)
Candles: .aisling. Candles 06 /Natural/ ~ Druunah Esharham
Crystal Ball: *HEXtraordinary* Scrying Crystal ~ Corwin Lacourte ~ New @ TFC (Sept. 2015)
Book Stand: *pm* Occult Books: Manual Of Cartomancy ~ Sohma Dix
Curtains: The Loft – Bennet Drapes White ~ Nardya Rousselot
Mirrors: The Loft – Marelda Vanity Mirror Silver ~ Colleen Desmoulins
Tables: MudHoney Penelope Table ~ Ravyn Hynes
Rug: [ARIA] Nikka rug ~ Yelo Uriza

The Path to Valhalla ~ An Anecdote and The Secret Affair

TSA Valkyrie C 2048

Confession time: I like to shop.

I know, I know, this isn’t a huge surprise but in order to understand this post in its fullest, fullest context, I’d like to say as well that I tend to at least -visit- role play (RP) shopping events as often as I hear about them. Even when I’m not currently involved in one RP sim or another. Part of it is about staying current, keeping an eye on trends and filling in slight (very slight) gaps in my inventory. Any event can have great hair and accessories, poses, makeup, skins .. many things! So it’s always worth checking, right?

The point of this story, though, is that I noticed that The Secret Affair had -just- opened again and that I was looking forward to it. Past rounds have been great so it stood to reason that this one would be as well.

Oh man.

So I port onto Nymphai and before anything rezzes, I get a tooltip that says “Path to Valhalla.” Immediately, I check my L$ balance. Proceed to buy more L$. While my payment is processing I do this:

Because this is where my mind goes.

And there are some fantastic things at The Secret Affair, some of which I demo’d the first time camming around and some the second, some of which I hope to cover in another post. One, however, I fatpacked right away and I did it with a smile on my face! This one!

TSA Valkyrie L 2048

The outfit itself is incredible, as so many things from !deviousMind! tend to be, but the part that sold me was actually the notecard that came inside the demo folder. (Bold emphasis is mine.)

“Light and Darkness”


by !dM deviousMind

The Secret Affair in September 2015 takes us on the “Path to Valhalla”. This event will focus on inspiration from Norse mythology so you will likely find some fierce and furry warm creations, so be sure to visit while it’s all gathered in one spot. Of course “Valkyrie” will be found after the event at our mainstore and on marketplace.

Valkyrie is my secret dream-come-true chain armor.. for some reason chain just never looks as cool as plat or leather in any MMO… so well, YAY DIY SL. The armor comes with scaled chain harness and scaled spaulders, along with chainmail skirt and clothing layers to vary with as much or as little skin you like to show. Omega appliers are included, as well as harness options for regular SL avatar, Maitreya “Lara” and Belleza “Venus”. Of course there’s a scaled modesty cover too for extra protection…

And finally, there’s a top without the bottom row scales as well. It wont work with the skirt unless you add an own belt – but, it gives you styling options with other outfits :)

The armor is materials enabled and availabe 6 colors **GOLD** with tarnished chainmail, **BRONZE** with metal chainmail, **ANTIQUE** with antique chainmail (resembeling tarnished copper), **SILVER** paired with metal chainmail, **PLATINUM** paired with silver chainmail, and **TARNISHED** which comes with golden chainmail. And of course there’s a **COLOR PACK** if you just can’t decide.

TSA Valkyrie C 2048

I have always, always loved Norse culture. In history and literature, in fantasy and mythology; my favourite RP characters have a decided Northron flair; I read rune stones and occasionally scrawl notes to my sister using the runic alphabet because it’s a thing we used to do ALL THE TIME. Like nerds. This particular outfit is HOT as well and while I wanted to show off the other chainmail appliers (whee! omega) .. Valkyries are magic, right? And immortal?

So really, it isn’t as if they need loads of armour to do what they do, right? :D


Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Rose Pale ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Quicksilver ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1, Bag ~ Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid ~ Siddean Munro
Lashes: .: Mai Bilavio :. World Tour Collection Strip-Lash in London ~ Mai Bilavio
Makeup 1: DeeTaleZ Makeup NATURAL Lip shades ~ Steffi Villota
Makeup 2: !Musa! Eyeshadow Ciel Brown ~ Filomena Quinnell
Nail Applier: :[P]:- Slink Nail Appliers:// Earthy ~ Aikea Rieko

Hair: ::Exile:: Windsong ~ Kavar Cleanslate

Armor: !dM Valkyrie – chainSkirt, chainArmor, Modesty Cover, Spaulders **GOLD** ~ Chandra Meehan ~ NEW @ The Secret Affair (Sept. 15-30th)
Top Applier: !dM Valkyrie [Omega] chainmail/A (top) **SILVER** ~ Chandra Meehan

Wings: G. Inc. Hawk Wings White-Mesh ~ GamerExpert
Armor 2: The Annex – The Valkyries – Belt, Pauldron, Shin Guard ~ TheAnnex ~ Gacha Items
Circlet 1: [The Forge] Celtic Headband (Silver) ~ Damian Kleiner ~ Gacha Item
Circlet 2: ~Soedara~ Atargatis Circlet {Silver} Unum ~ Marbella Pronovost
Collar: [The Forge] Chain Mail Collar (Silver, Patterned) ~ Damian Kleiner
Handguards: [The Forge] Scale Handguards, (Silver) ~ Damian Kleiner
Jewellery: . aisling . Tallulah Arms, Bracers, Tighs Silver ~ Damian Kleiner ~ Gacha Items

Pose 1: .mien. ~ {Valkyrias} ~ Connie Stratten (Includes Sword <3)
Pose 2: {NANTRA} Hear Me Roar 4 ~ Nancoix Urquan ~ Gacha Item

Background: Turnip’s Skydome 2.0, Enchanted Texture Collection ~ Turnip Sorbet

Fantasy Styling ~ Moon Maiden (We <3 RP and Collabor88)

Sometimes, I swear, half the fun of styling fantasy clothing is going just a little bit over the top with jewellery (which you know I love) and stepping just far enough outside of our comfort zones to do something that is both totally like and unlike ourselves. This is the fun part of Mask and Mien and a big part of what the blog theme means to me. Everything here, in one way or another, represents a large part of my loves, likes, wants, and needs. Why buy a thing if you don’t like it, right?

The point, and I promise I’m getting to one, is that fantasy allows us to play. To imagine and exercise some creativity in our Second Lives!  Of course this goes double for photography. :D

We Heart Conjurers 2048 C

When I saw .aisling.’s new Shamballa dresses at We <3 RP, I’ll admit I bought one immediately without giving much thought to how or when I’d wear it. Pictures, certainly, and the blog post you’re reading right now, but how does one go about photographing a sheer silken gown (of course I got it in pink) with context? I like context. We’re buddies and I think we both try to stay on the other’s good side as often as possible.

HUD Shamballa

So I was playing with my new dress this morning, flipping through the different metal options and transparencies available in the HUD and dreaming fond dreams of fatpacking the whole thing someday for ultimate customization (alas!) when I decided that the white metal belt and collar was the way I wanted to go for this. With that decided I went “oh, pearls and silver!” probably out loud, and then remembered Le Forme’s fantastic new Moon Goddess circlet, also new at We <3 RP! My theme became ‘Moon Maiden’ almost instantly, which reminded me of {NANTRA}’s Illuminati pose set for the September round of Collabor88 that killed me dead.

I found more jewellery in inventory, of course, and decided to add some subtle eye makeup from !Musa! (also at We <3) to complete the look. And of course this soft romantic hair from CATWA needed to happen but instead of using the lovely hairpiece provided in the box, I pulled out my trusty Liquence rose crown instead .. for soft pink loveliness reasons (and the fact that it fit better in the above picture).

We Heart Conjurers 2048


Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Rose Pale ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Quicksilver ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1 ~ Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High ~ Siddean Munro
Lashes: .: Mai Bilavio :. World Tour Collection Strip-Lash in London ~ Mai Bilavio
Makeup 1: DeeTaleZ Makeup NATURAL Lip shades & Gloss ~ Steffi Villota
Makeup 2: !Musa! Eyeshadow Vera Light Pearl ~ Filomena Quinnell ~ New @ We <3 RP (September 2015)
Nail Applier: :[P]:- Slink Nail Appliers:// Earthy ~ Aikea Rieko

Hair: CATWA HAIR Princess ~ Catwa Clip

Dress: .aisling. Shamballa [PINK] ~ Damian Kleiner ~ New @ We <3 RP (September 2015)

Circlet: [LF] Moon Goddess Silver ~ Louise Marsalut ~ New @ We <3 RP (September 2015)
Rose Crown: . Liquence . – Flower Crown ~ Villena Swansen
Necklace: Amala – Pearl Drop Necklace – Silver ~ Crystalny
Earrings 1: P.C; Diamond & Pearl Chandelier Earring ~ Cora Lu
Earrings 2: EF: Grace Adornment Silver ~ EmpyreanForge
Hand Jewellery: Hand of Calliope – White – RARE ~ Gacha Item ~ Divine Paine
Foot Jewellery: Pearls of Calliope – White ~ Gacha Item ~ Divine Paine

Pose 1 & 2 – {NANTRA} Illuminati ~ Nancoix Urquan ~ NEW @ Collabor88 (Sept. 2015)

Sim Surround: Y.B Landscape – Loha ~ Yony Bing

Busy, busy, busy!

September is such a busy month!

Whether we’re frantically getting ready for back to school, hurrying to get our affairs in order for the end of the end of fourth quarter or just figuring out how we’re going to organize our week around the new season of Must See TV, it’s the sort of juggling that continues to catch me by surprise. It shouldn’t, but it does. :D

I’ve also found this month to be particularly exciting in regards to Second Life (SL) shopping events; the latest rounds of The Arcade, The Chapter Four, We <3 RP, and Collabor88 have been stellar and assembling outfits to be covered here has been a real pleasure. So much of a pleasure, really, that I have a few posts in the works that I am really thrilled about. I can’t wait to share them all!

This particular styling came together in an interesting fashion (read: the only parts of the original outfit that I held onto through the revision process are the glasses, purse, and pom-pom pictured below. Oh, and the set, of course.) But even if the components are different, the basic look isn’t too far from what I wanted which is to say .. it’s interesting, cohesive, and stylish!

Or that’s my take on it, anyway. YMMV, per usual. ;)

Sept C88 Witch Please F

So what’s so great about this particular styling? For me, it’s more than a few things! I’m having a grand time playing around with accessories this year and the layered rings I found from LaGyo at this month’s The Chapter Four were one of my September ‘must haves.’ They’re copy/mod (helpful in resizing to fit any finger) and if you don’t want to buy the entire pack of twelve (TWELVE!) rings, you can purchase them individually as well. The necklaces are two of my favourites; one from (Yummy) and one from Cae and the accessories love continues with big, fun earrings (also from Yummy), the purse and pom-pom I promised to show you in a previous post (Rowne @ The Arcade), and THE Glasses (1992 @ The Arcade) you’re going to want to wear for months even though you really don’t need them to see how gorgeous they are!

The real trick with this outfit was to find a base outfit that could hold its own with so many accessories in the mix and still be relevant for Fall 2015. I’m sure many of you have already had a look at the latest round of Collabor88 but for those that have not, you don’t want to miss it! Just .. go. Now. I’ll wait right here.

All better? :D

So now that everyone has had a peek at the latest round of C88, we all understand that it will take multiple blog posts to cover the beauty and amazetasticness of the Muted Coven theme. For this post, I chose to wear Nylon Outfitters’ new high ponytail and ‘Witch Please’ top with Emery’s leather skirt and the cute new booties in copper. The outfit pieces that makes these all come together, though are older release from erratic (but, gosh, this leather jacket is going to work for years and years) and BigBeautifulDoll (because ombre fade that lets us show our pretty pedicures are win). Also, these nail appliers are available at C88 too! Huzzah for .Atomic. giving us a veritable ton of options for our Slink and Maitreya hands!

Sept C88 Witch Please C 2048


Skin: Lara Hurley-Fae natural/Rose Pale ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Quicksilver ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1 ~ Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High ~ Siddean Munro
Lashes: .: Mai Bilavio :. Individual Lash in Morocco ~ Mai Bilavio
Makeup 1: DeeTaleZ Makeup NATURAL Lip shades ~ Steffi Villota
Makeup 2: !Musa! Chocolat 8 ~ Filomena Quinnell
Nail Applier: .Atomic. {Nails} Witchcraft – Slink ~ Ivy Graves ~ Available @ Collabor88 (Sept. 2015)

Hair: (NO) Pony Tail – Platinum Blonde ~ Polyester Partridge ~ Available @ Collabor88 (Sept. 2015)

Jacket: erratic / vanity – leather jacket / sand open ~ Erratic Rain
Shirt Applier: (NO) Witch Please Crop Shirt – Maitreya Applier ~ Polyester Partridge ~ Available @ Collabor88 (September 2015)
Skirt: Emery Benson Leather Skirt Grey ~ Sunami Beck ~ Available @ Collabor88 (Sept. 2015)
Tights Applier: BigBeautifulDoll – Nylon Ombre Tights Black – Maitreya ~ BigBeautifulDoll
Shoes: fri. – Samantha.Booties (Copper) ~ Darling Monday ~ Available @ Collabor88 (Sept. 2015)

(Yummy) Floral Dangle Earrings – Inked Color ~ Polyester Partridge
(Yummy) Guardian Charms – Gold ~ Polyester Partridge
1992 // The Glasses (Wearable) ~ Grant Valeska ~ Gacha Item ~ Available @ The Arcade (Sept. 2015)
Cae :: Geek Love :: Necklace ~ Caelan Hancroft
LaGyo_Layered rings ~ Gyorgyna Larnia ~ Available @ The Chapter Four (Sept. 2015)

Rowne.A.u Dix Leather Bag – Onyx ~ Fashionboi Landar ~ Gacha Item ~ Available @ The Arcade (Sept. 2015)
Rowne.Pom-Pom – Coral ~ Fashionboi Landar ~ Gacha Item ~ Available @ The Arcade (Sept. 2015)

Pose 1: !bang ~ Pose 393 ~ Luna Jubilee
Pose 2: !bang ~ Pose 423 ~ Luna Jubilee

Set: Rowne.Street Style Star – The City RARE ~ Fashionboi Landar ~ Gacha Item ~ Available @ The Arcade (Sept. 2015)

A Few Last Words

.. over here anyway! I’m not quitting SL or even just blogging, but I AM moving to a fancy new website. :)

There are a number of reasons for this, some of which I mention in my maiden post for Mask and Mien. I’m sad to relinquish the following I have with and the number of feeds I’ve belonged to (those that are still functioning more than a year after my last post here, anyway). Still, this is a good thing. A happier blogger makes for better pictures and more frequent posts, right?

So welcome to my very last wordpress post! I’ve decided to redo my own Beauty Base Zero challenge because, let’s face it, 1) two years is SUCH a long time in Second Life and 2) I’m sort of excited to show how much my avatar has changed since my last posts here.

BB0 New C copyIt’s a little strange quoting myself but I’m going to do it anyway:

“… The first step for me is what I have named my BB-0 (Beauty Base Zero); it’s a term I’ve pillaged from book two of The Hunger Games trilogy because the concept was dead on. It’s where you start, imagining your nails are perfect, your hair is tied back and you’re staring into a mirror, or your closet, wondering what the heck you’re going to wear today.”

So, right. I’ve gone with a down-do for this picture out of sheer vanity and for one other important reason: no, it isn’t possible to see earrings with this hair but it’s more effective to adjust jewelry and other accessories once my avatar is posed and ready to be photographed. This is a CRUCIAL: if your avatar’s head is tilted, your earrings need to be adjusted to fall naturally! Same goes for any and all accessories so be mindful, yeah?

BB0 New L 800 copy

I’m going to write a small review and a few basic tips for using the Slink Physique Mesh Body in a later post (on the new blog) but for now, and as it applies to this post, I want to say that this is one of the best investments I’ve made in Second Life. Period. It’s easy to talk about the ways in which the mesh body falls short but for those of you who -haven’t- tried one yet, please hear me out:

TRY IT! Walk around in a demo version of whatever body your skin creator supports. Take off your mesh and (if you’re feeling brave) just strut in the buff for a little while. Dance and jump around! More and more designers are creating clothing appliers for mesh bodies and as you can see above, some of them are -really- lovely! I adore the way these layers hug the ‘Physique’s curves and once you get used to working with the Slink HUD (pictured below), the end result is almost always worth the effort. And gosh, the body is SO smooth. No more jagged elbows and knees! And, too, you can add (or remove, ahem) your underwear with a few clicks on the HUD .. which is MUCH faster than looking through inventory. Sorry, but it is.

BB0 UI 1

Rather than go into too much detail telling you how I take my pictures, I’m going to show you some of the settings I’ve learned to use in the last two years. Above and below, you can see what my basic SL User Interface looks like when I’m taking pictures. What you can’t see is the pose stand beneath my little platform but I promise it isn’t exciting (although the number of poses loaded into it is pretty embarassing). Everything else is pretty much here.

BB0 UI 2 copy

One extra tip I will give, however, is that hitting ctrl+0 is a helpful way to remove some of the SL Fishbowl Effect as well as zoom in closer than the default cameras allow (GREAT for fitting eyelashes when you’re on a pose stand). Ctrl+9 resets your camera to the default distance.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this short(ish) and sweet post and pleasepleasePLEASE come visit me at Mask and Mien whenever you can. <3


Skin: [PF] Harley <Porcelain> – Lid 02 – (ltbrow – A) ~ Mochi Milena
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Quicksilver ~ Ikon Innovia
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelashes ~ Freya Olivieri
Mesh Bod: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4 ~ Siddean Munro
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1 ~ Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – Flat ~ Siddean Munro
Nail Polish Applier: Hello Dave: Slink Avatar Enhancement- French Ombre ~ Maia Gasparini

Lingerie Applier: {Luxuria} Summer Crush – Bra *candy pink* ~ 5thAndOxford Monitor

Hair: Magika [Hair S] Wait ~ Sabina Gully

Ring: (Yummy) Modest Crown – Gold ~ Polyester Partridge

Pose: Le Poppycock *Die a Little* B – Mystery to Me ~ Olivia Lalonde

The Fantasy Gacha SNEAK PEEK (part 1)

Okay, so first of all I have one thing to say:


Much like the last session, this round of The Fantasy Gacha is set on the Acerbus Silva sim and holy wow, there are a LOT of machines to tap. Just like last time, I went a little bit crazy in the first section, forgetting that there were still dozens of gacha machines tucked away in other parts of the event area. To help -you- avoid prematurely blowing through all of your lindens, however, I have decided to provide this map to show you just how massive the place is:

Fantasy Gacha Overhead

Bear in mind that the tiiiiny red tent at the lower left-hand corner of the picture is the landing point. You’ll cross the bridge into the first group of gacha machines and then proceed straight ahead or to your left. Do not forget that there are many, many vendors in each area, though! Pace yourself and remember that you can always come back later for another round. Breathe. You’ll get through this.

Since there is absolutely NO way I’m going to get through all of my treasures in one blog post, I have decided to break the event up into a series of posts over the weekend leading up to the event (it opens to the public October 1st) and I hope you’re as excited to read through this series as I am to write it!

So. We’re starting with the machine that received the MOST love from me. I literally dreamt about this outfit last night and woke up deciding it needed to happen ASAP.

Back to Black 600F


This gown, ruffle collar, and parasol are just a few of the items available from Junbug this round. I won’t go into precise detail over how many times I poked this machine, how convincing I had to be in my sweet-talking, and precisely what I had to do to get a full set together for this post, but it should suffice to say that I was not surprised to be dreaming about The Queen’s Ruff last night. The mesh is beautiful, of course, but the thing that struck me the most about this set (and really, everything in the Junbug mainstore) is the rich texture of this gorgeous fabric. Seriously. Pick a demo, any demo, and you’ll see what I mean.

I thought it would be fun to add a few other gacha items to this outfit (all from this event, might I add) and you will certainly see more of them in the near future. The corset is actually an EPIC find of mine (same as ultra-rare but way more fun to say) from On A Lark; this pack includes a hood, shoulder straps, and a HUD to change the accent colour from silver to gold to black. COOL RIGHT?

Back to Black 600C

You’re going to see a lot of head gear featured from The Fantasy Gacha in the coming days as well because there are a bunch of different machines offering a variety of crowns, diadems, circlets, chains, and helmets. For this outfit, I tried to keep things simple by matching a silver Celtic headband from The Forge with one of the many witch circlets from Sax Shepherd Designs.

Are you completely psyched to gacha yet?!

~ Portia ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Witch Eyes – Death
Soirée – Kat Brows #Ebony
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 01 Femme
*LpD* MakeUp – *Steam Cloud* Complete
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce

::Exile:: Sway My Way:Raven

*{Junbug}* The Queen Gown in Night (RARE) ~ Available Oct 1st at The Fantasy Gacha
*OAL* Dory Corset M ~ Black Epic ~ Available Oct 1st at The Fantasy Gacha

*{Junbug}* The Queen’s Parasol (ULTRA RARE) ~ Available Oct 1st at The Fantasy Gacha
*{Junbug}* The Queen’s Ruff Collar Coal ~ Available Oct 1st at The Fantasy Gacha
[The Forge] Celtic Headband, (Silver), Common ~ Available Oct 1st at The Fantasy Gacha
! !SSD ~ Gatcha ~ Witch Circlet ~ Jadis ~ Available Oct 1st at The Fantasy Gacha

Poses: ::WetCat:: (Back to Black set – I HAD TO!)
Set: Enchanted Unicorn Castle by Atelier Yllanys