Writer’s Blog-err.. Writer’s Block Challenge!

We have ALL been here. Some of us more recently, some less so. Some more frequently, some only INfrequently.  Writer’s blog .. blog .. BLOCK (I keep typing ‘blog,’ wth) is a very real issue, even if you don’t write much to accompany your pictures, you may still find the thought of posting in your blog uninspiring.

My last post was February 25th. It’s May 19th. I think it’s fair to say that there’s a problem here.

So what do we do when life is busy, stressful, and generally not conducive to thoughtful introspection?

We find a new challenge, of course!

So here it is: My challenge to YOU, oh bloggers of SL, is to write a single blog post. I’m going to help you get through this in less than ten steps. Observe!

Writer's Block Challenge 512

Let’s give it a try, shall we?

3) Ursula1 600

4) Share your favourite thing about this outfit. Is it the clothing? A new hairstyle?

The first thing I heard about the Gos Ursula Wedges was that the pearl colour option is sweet, simple, and summery. These are three of my favourite words. :) Also, I love these shoes so much and have literally been wearing them every chance I get!

5) Why do you like this colour? These colours?

It’s probably obvious that I wear a lot of white. A ridiculous amount of white, really, but the reason for it is that I love simple clean lines. As someone who lives with chronic anxiety, white is a colour that calms me right down. It is pure and clean.

6) Are you accessorizing? If yes, why? If no, why not?

I am accessorizing very simply this time with a set of Earthstones Lora jewelry (sorry ladies, it was a gatcha thing). Just a touch of silver and white to complement the silver buckles on these amazing wedges. There is also a simple white ribbon at the bottom of this braid. It’s a nice touch, I think.

7) Why this pose?

This pose (Olive Juice – Does this skirt make my butt look big?) is delicate and feminine. It does not cause my legs to clip with this mesh dress AND one foot is firmly rooted on the floor, which makes the picture more believable. I believe it captures the mood of this outfit well as showcases the individual components.

8) How do you feel in this particular outfit?

I feel relaxed, comfortable and light as a feather, thank you!



9) Post your credits here (don’t forget your posemaker):

~ Portia ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
*YS&YS* – Ipnotic Eyes Ice
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 04 Audrey
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce
Eye Candi Skin – Glow (Tattoo)

[e] Control – Blonde 01

*LpD* – *Atena* Dress White
[Gos] Ursula Wedge – Classic Collection – Pearl

EarthStones Lora Earrings – White Lace Agate Silver (Gatcha items, sorry!)
EarthStones Lora Necklace -White Lace Agate Silver  (Gatcha items, sorry!)

Pose: Olive Juice

Vetur Fegurð (MVW Iceland Gorgeousness)

It isn’t often that I have absolutely nothing to say about clothes buuut .. just look at this:

MVW Iceland Hagia L 600 ( This gown is even more stunning in high resolution. Check flickr. You won’t be disappointed.)

The gown: Tres Beau.

The jewelry: Chop Zuey.

Everything was custom made for this year’s Miss Virtual World pageant and even though I’m wearing Iceland’s gown and Turkey’s jewelry (my next post will feature Turkey’s gown with Iceland’s jewelry) the effect is just incredible. I used a soft, romantic hairstyle from [e] and IKON’s striking new Eternal Eyes in ‘Wave’ to complete this outfit. I still don’t know what else to say about it.

MVW Iceland Hagia C 600 ( Just .. yeah. Pretty. Sparkly. Flickr link is here. <3 )

~ Portia ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*light *REDGRAVE*
IKON Eternal Eyes – Wave ~ NEW!
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 01 Femme
Eye Candi Skin – Glow – (More about this soon!)
.Pekka. KATHYA Eyes Make Up (baby blue)
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce

[e] Found – Blonde 01

Tres Beau “Miss Zaara” gown ~ MVW Iceland 2013
Tres Beau “Miss Zaara” Gloves

Chop Zuey ~ Hagia Sophia Circlette ~ MVW Turkey 2013
Chop Zuey ~ Hagia Sophia Earrings
Chop Zuey ~ Hagia Sophia Ring

Pose: WetCat
Background: Heart

The Final Frontier

Space, the final frontier. These are the blog entries of the Portia named Pexington. Her continuing mission: to seek out great clothes and find new designers. To boldly blog where no one has blogged before!

( Totally stunning, right? Get it? Of course you do. )

Okay, so I’m not the first to blog this dress. Or even the first to blog this dress with this pose. Possibly not even the first to blog these shoes, dress, and pose together but who could really resist Eclectic Apparel‘s ‘SciFi’ Dress, especially when *~*HopScotch*~* offers the perfect props in the exact same section of Cinema? If you’re any kind of nerd at all (and gosh, I certainly am), you’ve at least considered these two things together (and face it, Gos’ point court shoes are perfect with this) during your time at HCE’s Cinema Event.

Also .. it’s very nearly Halloween. Just saying.

~ Portia ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Aruba
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 04 Audrey
-Belleza- Eyeliner 4 (I’m loving this eyeliner so much! It’s perfectly, sweetly smudgy. <3 )
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ sunshine orange

[e] Memoir – Blonde 01

e! SciFi Dress (White) ~ Available NOW at Cinema!
[Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Point Court

e! Flight Wings Badge
*~*HopScotch*~* Fire at Will (shooting) ~ Available NOW at Cinema!

Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* ~ Available NOW at Cinema!
Photo taken on the U.S.S. Amberstar


HG: Thursday! It can’t be! It’s too gruesome!

PV: What’s so gruesome about Thursday?

HG: Nothing, except I can never remember when it’s coming up.

AAAHHHH!!!  Thursday already and nearly a week into Cinema! Can you believe it?! I had plans, so many plans, so many outfits lined up and ready to go but life just kind of takes over sometimes and it’s all we can do to keep up. But boy, I have a treat for you now – cross my heart and kiss my elbow!

So yes, I can never decide of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my favourite movie of all time but when I have the “mean reds” there’s nothing else for me to do but pop this DVD on, close my eyes, and just listen to Audrey Hepburn’s voice for a couple of hours. I could do it right now except it’s Thursday (!!) and I have other things to do this afternoon, blah!

I kind of flipped when I saw Baiastice‘s version of Ms. Golightly’s orange coat (“Hey, did you ever steal anything from a five and ten – when you were a kid, I mean?”), and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the vintage hats right beside it! I added my favourite black pumps (thank you, Gos!) and these great ‘Holly’ glasses from Redgrave because .. why the heck not? Also, they’re perfect.

The picture below may be one of my favourite outfits, period. I’ve covered Caroline’s Audrey necklace before (in black, back in my Tribute post) but “golly gee damn,” Ms. Apollo created the tiara and matching earrings for Cinema so I HAD to get the necklace in white to match. Obviously. This dress from Cracked Mirror fits like an absolute dream and look – my Ingenue kitten heels (still at The Arcade) peek out from beneath the skirt!

( I had breakfast at Caroline’s earlier today! )

While I would love nothing more than to quote Holly Golightly at you all day long, I’m going to head off for now and serenade you with a sweet video instead. Deal? Deal.

( Just me and Ella, relaxing at home. <3 )

~ Portia ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Silver+Blue
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 04 Audrey
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce

[e] Leah – Blonde 01

Baiastice_Edy Mesh Coat-orange- ~ Available at Cinema! ~
Baiastice_Edy Mesh Hat-tweed/darkest- ~ Available at Cinema! ~
*Fi-St* Ignition Stockings Shiny
[Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Point Court

– Sunglasses HOLLY / V1.1 – REDGRAVE
[ glow ] studio – Pearl Drop Earrings White
-LMK- Medium leather gloves ~ Black


Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Silver+Blue
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 04 Audrey
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce

(epoque hair) Stabilizer I – Grain

(CM) Audrey Dress MESH (black)
p.c; In the Red Gloves
Ingenue :: Ariane :: Noir ~ Available at The Arcade ~

(Caroline’s Jewelry) Audrey Earrings Gold ~ Available at Cinema! ~
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Audrey Pearl Necklace in White-Gold ~ Available at Cinema! ~
(Caroline’s Jewelry) Audrey Tiara in Gold ~ Available at Cinema! ~


Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Silver+Blue
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 04 Audrey
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce

::Exile:: Little Things:Stefani

Ingenue :: Every Saturday Tee :: Winter :: Winter
{mon tissu} Denim – Lou Lou ~ Used
Ingenue :: Ariane :: Noir

{what next} Fleeftone Acoustic Guitar

Poses: [ glow ], !bang
Props: What Next

Coming Soon to a Cinema Near You!

Hiiiii everyone!

You may not be able to see me inside the GINORMOUS cinema but if you look verrrrry closely there’s a little yellow and blue person standing by the counter. Squint .. squint .. see me? HI!

You’re probably already aware that the Hottie Cooterati Experience event begins (OMG) LATER ON TODAY but if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, I’m going to tempt you with a couple of fun things I’ve found so far and probably rave way too much about an event which is very close to my heart.

Who doesn’t love going to the movies?

Now zoom out, just a little. :) )

Okay, so first of all .. this event is HUGE and it’s all set inside a giant movie theatre because, helloooo, that’s the theme! As you can see below, there are a bunch of theatres to visit and in each one of those, smaller areas furnished by some of our favourite SL designers!

Cinema will be an elaborately themed sim-wide event centered around one of our favorite past times… movies!

Starting October 13th, Cinema will bring you into a massive and beautiful, intricately designed multiplex cinema featuring 8 individually themed theaters. You’ll be immersed in the movie going experience, and in true Hottie Cooterati style, we will have some fun surprises awaiting you.

As always, our events are more than just about a shopping spree, we want to give you an experience, something to have fun with, and something you will remember.

Don’t worry though, the stores won’t fail you as a shopping event as well. They will be pushed to their creative limits to bring you inspired and themed items from the romance, action/adventure, scifi, horror, fantasy/musical, film noir… and…. XXX genres. That’s right, we just couldn’t leave out a touch of bow chicka bow wow.

( Flickr page transfer – energize! )

I’m not about to head into the ‘XXX’ area unescorted so for now .. it’s SciFi time! “Why Portia,” you ask, “is that a Star Trek commander top?” The answer is YES (thank you Eclectic Apparel) and you can get one too – at Cinema! Need a phaser? How about some 3D glasses? There are hundreds of items, all film starlet-ready and waiting for you. Don’t forget to visit the HCE concession stand either, where everything is calorie-free, fat-free, and also free-free!

Now, just sneak over with me to the Action/Adventure area and check out something super neat. That’s right, my dears – Gos came to Cinema and I helped!


So yes. Cinema begins today! Enjoy and pleasepleasePLEASE tell me all about -your- adventures super soon. <3

~ Command Yellow ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Kaleido Eyes – Forest
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 01 Femme
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce

fri. – Tatum – Happy Blond

e! SciFi Sweater (Yellow) ~ NEW at Cinema!
[Cynful] – Eve Britches – Light Blue
[Gos] Hunter Ankle Boot – Black

{mon tissu} Favorite Readers ~ Black
e! Flight Wings Badge ~ NEW at Cinema!
Fennux Artic Soda (wear me!) ~ NEW at Cinema! (freeeeebie)
Pilot Popcorn Lrg (wear me!) ~ NEW at Cinema! (freeeeebie)

Poses: aDORKable Poses


LAQ ~ Jennie2 [Peach]
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 01 Femme
IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Light Blue
:: YaYo :: – Game Day – Face Tattoo
Zasta Korobase ~ Dirt_and_blood

>TRUTH< Lilia – mirage

OW Slave girl
[Gos] Equestrian Boot in Leopard ~ NEW at Cinema!

Thugs Style Head Bandana

Pose: oOo (custom)

Long time, no see!

Is it getting old to hear that I’ve been busy?


Someone told me that it takes a week to recover for every month of continued stress, haha, but for me it’s been more like two weeks per. After two months of caring for my grandmother around the clock, I’ve needed this month to catch up on sleep and find some sense of balance. She’s in hospice now and relatively comfortable, so between visits to her, actual hours of sleep all at once, and some time relaxing at home, I’m glad to be easing back into Second Life.

What have I been up to, you ask? Well, the answer is a LOT! Plenty of custom cakes and bouquets for my SL bro and sis’ business, Perfection Weddings. I’ve been styling brides and friends, styling myself for the Chop Zuey Girl contest (more about this in a minute), and dating the most INCREDIBLE man. *Swoon* More than a month and we’re going strong!

Click for the OMGMASSIVE image in my flickr!

I’ve also been shopping, of course, and if I’m a little late sharing these offerings I apologize. The dress is yet another stunning find from Kungler’s and the hair is [e]‘s newest offering as of right now – I could hear both pieces screaming at me from my inventory, saying “Portia! Put us together!” so naturally that’s exactly what I did. :)

I don’t tend to wear tons of jewelry (aside from the rings in every picture <3) but something else happened when I returned to my apartment after those two months away. I was helping Ikon style a model for one of his pictures when we found a shop, called Chop Zuey, and it literally took my breath away. Vibrant stones, interesting designs, and a shop big enough to get lost in, I did just that (it was SO hard to leave!). So definitely check the place out if you haven’t been already and if you’re free this weekend, I’ll be walking my very first runway (aack!) Sunday afternoon at 1slt and some support would be truly excellent.

Enjoy the rest of your week, my dears!

~ Portia ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Utopia Eyes – Light Forest Green
ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ dolce
Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong *REDGRAVE*

[e] Spark – Blonde 01

(Kunglers) TDRB #57 Oriental Dress~ Available at The Dressing Room Blue!

Chop Zuey ~ Dalaila Bracelet
Chop Zuey ~ Dalaila Earrings

Pose: !bang

CHIC² ~ It’s Time to Party!

Party hat: check! Amazing shoes: double check! Low-lag gear: omg, super-mega check!

CHIC² is starting NOW!!!

I’ve been holding onto this picture -all day- because I’m quite proud of the way it turned out. The furniture (gorgeous!) is from POST and requires 34 prims for the full set, including the wonderful accessories shown below. “What could be better,” you ask? Well, how about this incredible Haarlem Deco set with SIX colour options?

The dress .. Bilo. Beautiful! It’s mesh and wonderfully textured – perfect for a night out or a steamy night in, wouldn’t you say? I’m also wearing Pekka lipstick (again, lol, because it’s AMAZING) for the sort of glamorous pout one wants when one is in a chic, smoky Haarlem lounge.

sYs, I LOVE THIS DRESS! Modern, streamlined mesh with great detail. I wasn’t too sure about it until I tried it on and gave it a little spin around the event area but now .. gah. I just love it. Chloe put together a wicked little earring/necklace set, available in charcoal (shown) and honey (wore to bed last night). The earrings are adorable faceted drops with BEES on them (cuuuute) and the ring, well. Check out the ring! Hey, look! I’m also wearing Pekka makeup and ready Kiss Kiss thanks to ROZENA, woo!  :D

~ Portia ~

Bilo– Tallulah (Rose) ~ New@CHIC²

.Pekka. Classy Eye shadow with eyeliner – Platinum ~ New@CHIC²
.Pekka. FLORA Lipstick Naturals (4) ~ New@CHIC²

[e] Indulge – Blonde 01

p.c Braided Finish Stockings
p.c Braided Finish Gloves
HOC Industries – Platform Pump
Donna Flora ~ SPRINGRAIN earrings

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Utopia Eyes – Deep Cerulean
Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong *REDGRAVE*


[sYs] XTens – dress (red) ~ New@CHIC²

Chloe: Honey Drop Earring [Charcoals] ~ New@CHIC²
Chloe: Honeycomb Ring [Charcoals] ~ New@CHIC²

ROZENA/ Kiss Kiss ~ mango jelly ~ New@CHIC²
.Pekka. Party Eyeshadows – Red & Blue ~ New@CHIC²

::Exile:: London Rain:Vanilla

Props: POST Haarlem Deco Set ~ New@CHIC²

Steve Rogers: RSVP

Dear Steve,

I know it’s been a while since my last letter but I just wanted to say great job with that alien invasion; it looked pretty rough for a while but I knew you and the rest of the Avengers would pull through with another win for us. Busy month, right?

I hope this letter finds you well and (more or less) enjoying a bit of a breather before it’s time to save the world again.

Reply when you can,

~ Portia

P.S – Don’t listen to those rumours about me dating one of those Lantern Corps guys. You and I both know you’re the only hero for me. xoxo

So. I was online this morning, minding my own business and tackling my New Release Day wardrobe additions (OMG there are a bunch of them but I’ll get to those in another post) when, out of the blue, my MHOH chat window pops open with an invitation to pick up FREE SUPERHERO T-SHIRTS! I tried to stay calm (“breathe in, breathe out”) but it wasn’t very long before I dropped what I was doing to race over to check out this shop.

Parcel name: Sheldonopolis. I was in love.

Now. Not ONLY are there gifts for joining the .:sHaZaM!:.HeRoEs:. in-world group (FREE to join) but they’re actually pretty cool! I may very well live in my new Avengers track suit until the next movie installment. Well, that isn’t true but it’s still super great! :D

Shazam Heroes (no way I’m typing that out again) has a TON of great superhero-themed gear (tees, jerseys, boxers, hoodies, and even a few options for the ladies) and also a section lovingly dedicated to the shirts of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Want a ‘Wesley Crushers’ top of your very own? You can totally go get one! Prices are great and all the clothing layers and prim attachments seem to be modifiable! Awesome, awesome little shop.

 ~ Portia ~

.:sHaZaM:. AVENGERS shirt
.:sHaZaM:. AVENGERS sweat pants
[PM]Roxy Roller Socks – Red

[e] Listen – Blonde 01

*~*Illusions*~* Sleep Mask


.:sHaZaM:. C. America Hoody
coldLogic capri – may.white
Slink Barefeet Mesh Medium

[e] Return – Blonde 01 (NEW!)


.:sHaZaM:.C. America
Emery – Short On E #Black
[PM]Roxy Roller Socks – Red
[Gos] GTFO Boot in Black

[e] Never – Blonde 01 (NEW!)


.:sHaZaM:. My BF is Steve
Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans #5
[Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Point Court

[LeLutka]-APHRODITE hair – Sweeden (NEW!)


.:sHaZaM:. Wesley Crushers T-Shirt
:: YaYo :: – Game Day – Face Tattoo
Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans  #5
W&B Enough of That Ring CREAM

[e] Play – Blonde 01

~ In Every Pic ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Deep Blue
Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong *REDGRAVE*
cheLLe – (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full)
*BOOM* Pale Pucker Red

jane.intrinsic.tank.rd cherry

Poses: AAA, !bang

Week 22 WoC ~ Cobalt

Have you ever put something together that just made you smile? Just a plain, pure, happy grin?


I think these Boudoir red shoes were the first pair of SL heels that I truly fell in love with – I’ll show them off better in a later post, I’m sure, but it should suffice to say that, of the hundreds of articles in my clothing folder, they are still one of my favourite things to wear. Sissy Pessoa is another designer I enjoy and need to wear more often; I loveloveLOVE this dress! WOO!

~ Portia ~

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Utopia Eyes – Deep Cerulean
Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong *REDGRAVE*
– Glam Affair – Make-up Layer 01
*BOOM* Pale Pucker Red

[e] Memoir – Blonde 01 (NEW, EEEE!)

Baiastice_Pois Satin-blue

(Yummy) Native Daydream Set
(Yummy) Portrait Necklace

Pose: D.Luxx