Random Blog Challenge ~ “Pipes with no panties”

No, I’m not making this up!

My sister Cady’s entry, the inspiration for mine, is already up and blowing people away. Those of you that know us realize it usually takes more than a few words to get us out of our clothes. Ahem.


I have a confession to make: I collect lingerie. While it’s true that women wear pretty lacy, silky, wispy things for themselves there’s also a certain pride one takes in showing off. Just a little. This is my FAVOURITE set in all of SL – pretty with its gorgeous lace texture and pretty satin ribbon at the waist. If you don’t have a set .. probably get one. Right now.

~ Portia ~

*Fi-St*Lingerie – Ignition – OldRose corset (Seriously, get to Fishy Strawberry)

/Wasabi Pills/ Orion FEM Mesh Hair – Seafoam

MARIA bracelet and earrings (Donna Flora)
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Viridian, w3)

01 Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
:: Exodi :: Makeups – Eyelashes – Dramatic
Miss Priss Lipgloss 4 (small lips)
Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong *REDGRAVE*
Slink Barefeet Mesh Medium
Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Fresh



Pipe: *Boof* Bubble Pipe

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