Yearbook Challenge: 2017

Mega-huge thanks to Strawberry Singh for posting the 2017 installment of her ubiquitous Yearbook challenge! Love the blog, love the Berry! To celebrate her “10 years of Second Life” (WOW!), Ms. Berry is offering L$ 5000 to one of her readers for answering a few simple questions in her comments section. Seriously. Go check it out!

Rolling D6.png

Most Likely to: Leave Early to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Yep, I’m still talking about D&D! We are just FIVE DAYS OUT from the Mhirdrun sim’s grand opening and even though I will not be there this Saturday (I’m moving this weekend! :O) I cannot wait to hear ALL about those first glorious days of sim RP! As I’ve said before, writing and storytelling are a big part of my life and a major source of insipiration for me – I started playing D&D at age fourteen and taught my little sister to play when she was six. It’s been a huge part of our lives and I cannot state enough that there is something for everyone in games like this. Whether you’re trying Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, a game like 7th Sea, Shadowrun, or Cypher, the experience of adventure and In Character accomplishment can be intensely liberating.

This applies, of course, to Second Life role play as well – with the added bonus of being able to style your character and take a million, zillion pictures! 😀

Roll a D6.png

SEE?! ^

So why not forget about what you think you know about role playing and think about how much fun it could be to have an adventure? To be someone other than yourself? Why not step outside your comfort zone (if it doesn’t already include SL RP) and try something new?

Mhirdrun opens this weekend: May 13th at NOON SLT! Write it down. Read the website. Join the in-world group and come have a look at one of the most beautiful sims I have ever seen!

For those unfamiliar with RP sim etiquette, a quick note:

  • Remember to wear sim-appropriate clothing. Anything fantasy-related will do – no jeans, stiletto heels, electric guitars, or hoverboards, please!
  • Respect that other people on-sim might be role playing – don’t worry, no one minds if you watch, but please don’t say anything in local chat if you are strictly there as an observer. Find a good spot out of the way but within chat range (local range is 20 meters) and you’re all set.
  • Don’t lag up the joint! Maximum script memory per avatar is 0.150ms and maximum Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) is a very generous 325k but PLEASE, and this goes double for observers, keep those numbers as low as possible. ❤
  • Find some way to indicate that you are OOC (Out of Character) and observing the action. This can be a group tag if you have access to one or, alternatively, some role players use titlers (just remember to keep your script count low!).
  • Enjoy. ❤

~ Credits ~

Skin Appliers: Lara Hurley-Diana Rose Pale *Catwa Appliers* ~ Lara Hurley
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya ~ Catwa Clip
Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 ~ Kikonosuke Eel
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Quicksilver / Aqua ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Makeup Applier: !Musa! Eyeshadow Leda Cool Tones ~ Filomena Quinnell ~ NEW @ We ❤ RP (until May 31st, 2017)
Nail Appliers 1: :[P]:– Maitreya Nailpolish:// Dulcet / Rinka ~ Aikea Rieko

~ Style 1 ~

Hair: TRUTH / Kare ~ Truth Hawks ~ NEW GROUP GIFT!

Romper: TETRA – Formation Playsuit (Breeze) – Maitreya ~ NataPorolo ~ NEW @ Collabor88 (until June 6th)

Glasses: :[P]:– Diamondine Glasses ~ Aikea Rieko
Necklace: (Yummy) Tiny Teardrop Pendant Necklace – Gold ~ Polyester Partridge

Pose: Le Poppycock-Now is everything (*Convolutions* A)  ~ Olivia Lalonde ~ NEW @ The Chapter Four (until May 21st)

~ Style 2 ~

Hair: Exile:: Way That I Feel ~ Kavar Cleanslate ~ NEW @ Collabor88 (until June 6th)

Silks: *Sweet Kajira * Tanit WHITE Top & Skirt Maitreya ~ Gacha Item ~ Bronte Denja ~ NEW @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (until May 20th)
Wings: #2 Blueberry – Angelberry – RARE – Wings – Pure ~ Gacha Item ~ Blueberryxx

Jewellery Set: .aisling. Nilia ~ Gacha Item ~ Damian Kleiner ~ NEW @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (until May 20th)

Pose: ::Poseidon:: Priestess 6 ~ Gryphon Vendetta

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