Gotta Catch ’em All

The craze has overtaken me. I’ll admit it openly too. I’ve played Pokémon GO and it’s been a lot of fun. I actually started it on the release day and it’s been hard to put down. There have been varying opinions on it though, which surprised me.

Gotta Catch Em' All

It’s actually gotten me and my two brothers out and about walking around for the first time in I don’t know long. We all have different interests so of course finding something that ties in for the three of us is a rare deal. My younger brother and I collected the cards when they had first come along so we had that nostalgia. My youngest brother (He’s 13 years younger than I am) got into the later generations of Pokémon and then researched all of them. I think Niantic and Nintendo did a wonderful job of putting a game together that promotes be active and going out. Continue reading

Hair Fair 2016 Pre-Show!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Mask and Mien’s official coverage of Hair Fair 2016!

I’m Portia Pexington, coming to you live from the Hair Fair’s ‘Backlot East‘ location, just one of four full shopping sims and two camming sims dedicated to this landmark event!

It’s hard to live in Second Life and not be aware of Hair Fair – it’s one of the core events on the grid and, as always, a percentage of the ‘Fair’s proceeds are donated to Wigs For Kids, an important and established charitable organization dedicated to providing children suffering from hair loss with the tools they need to maintain their self-image and esteem. Although most of us approach Hair Fair as a shopping event, and rightly so, it’s important to remember that while so many of us indulge in our Second Life hair addiction there are so many people in Real Life that go without. If you’re able to donate to this cause, like so many content creators who are so generous with their time and profits, I urge you to do it. Remember that the greatest power we can claim in Second Life is the power to do good things for others.❤

Hair Fair First

With only a few hours before Hair Fair 2016’s official opening, we at Mask and Mien have prepared a special report to help you, our readers, navigate this massive event with minimal fuss. So without further ado, I’m thrilled to share our first ever…

Hair Fair Pre-Show!


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What?!? When did Lucky turn into a ginger? Don’t worry it’s only for this shot. I’m still a proud brunette or whatever I decide on the day. Read on for more about my fantastic necklace and Nivaro’s first Catwa appliers!


Let me start this off by saying this necklace is amazing. The Avery Set from PurpleMoon Creations is available now at The Chapter Four and it is something you just have to see in person. There are five different metal choices (Gold, Copper, Silver, Iron, and Pewter) for L$199 each as well as the fatpack (L$899). Each includes a HUD to change both the larger gems and the smaller ones. It’s one of the best made pieces of jewelry I’ve seen during my time in Second Life. It’s made for the ladies but obviously it will still work for the guys, and I love it. It also includes earrings which I haven’t shown because I couldn’t really make them work with my look. You can see them here on Poulet’s wonderful ad for it. I’ll add a shot of the HUD below so you can see all of the options available. Continue reading

Enjoying a Bit of Quiet Time

Before I say anything else tonight, I really want to thank everyone who read my last post ‘Just Breathe …. Discussing Bloggers, Designers, and Sponsorship‘ a few days ago; whether you liked the post or even took a moment to sit back and read it, your support has meant so much to me during a time when I was questioning a great deal about myself and my motivations for being here. In particular, though, I want to extend a special thanks to Harper Ganesvoort, Ever Amarinthine, Amity Sorbet, Kat Feldragonne, Lucky Spiritor, Colleen Criss, and Monica Querrien for taking the time to leave such heartfelt and insightful comments after the post (and I’m going to finish responding to all of them as soon as this post is out. <3). On facebook, too, I felt the love from three of my favourite women breathing: Ponchituti Boucher, Occasus Jayaram, and Jourdy Moretti. Thank you, all of you. Just .. thank you. If there’s ever a thing I can do for any of you, and I do mean ever, I hope you’ll just say the word.

Northern Woods Done.png

Maybe it’s no surprise by now that I am excited, even energized, to jump into the first posts of the month with especial enthusiasm and I think most of us can understand how much easier it is to start new projects when our energy is running high. I’m feeling great and I hope you are as well, just as I hope you’re enjoying (or plan to enjoy) your time out in the summer sunshine! For me, well, I’m an indoors kinda gal; maybe that’s why I enjoy bringing nature into my photographs as much as I do. Pictures like the one above practically take themselves these days, but I love it.

There are a few things to note in particular about this shot and to keep things simple I’m going to run through them in an orderly fashion so no one gets too confused…. Continue reading

Happy Fourth of July!

It’s the Fourth of July and usually it would be all about fireworks. I thought about lighting some off but after watching my dog freak out over other people’s fireworks, I decided it best not to bother. I sure don’t need him even more scared then he already is. Instead I went out for a quiet night of camping and to my surprise witnessed a once in a lifetime thing. A shower of shooting stars over the east coast of our home sim. It was quite a sight to see that’s for sure. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Remember to drive safe and please don’t blow any of your fingers or other body parts off with fireworks.

Shooting Stars

We’ve got another month of amazing events already in progress. We’re only four days in and if these first few days are anything to go off of then this month is going to rock. The Gacha Guardians has already been something I’ve loved, Portia and I spent a few hours the other night going from store to store and seeing all of the wonderful creations. It’s a really nice way to get people off of their platforms and into the stores. I know I’ve thought before that everything seems to be events, events, events. I assume sometimes designers think the same way, even if does mean profits it has to be a good feeling to get people in your store and looking at the things. I know we spent as much time looking around at other items as we did on the gacha machines. Continue reading


“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable.
Style is more about being yourself.”

-Oscar de la Renta


Just a short post tonight everyone. I was out shopping around and popped over to Dot-be Fashion to see what was there for the fellas. I had seen and heard of Boniefacio for as long as I’ve been with Portia. He was her teacher throughout her modeling courses at MISS SL/One on One so he’s always been spoken very highly of. I’ve also run into him a few times at various fashion shows in the last few months. What I didn’t know until Portia told me, is that he has his own clothing store. Continue reading

Studded Rockstar

“‘Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We’ll all stay skinny ’cause we just won’t eat”


The Mens Dept comes to the end of it’s June round today! I stopped over and picked up this awesome gem flannel from Sabotage finally. I had seen it when the event first opened but I was poor and forgot to go back sooner. Bad Lucky. It’s available in multiple color options and each includes a HUD to change the color of the gems on it. You can choose from black, gold, or silver. I went with gold since I was using the Red flannel, it seemed to be a good match. Continue reading

What To Wear?

It’s going to be a fun weekend for sure! Ferosh Fashion Weekend kicks off tomorrow at 12pm SLT and I have some new BakaBoo to show you.

Bakaboo FFW June 2016

There is a fantastic line up of shows scheduled over the course of this three day event. I can’t wait to see what all of the designers have in store for us. Plus for the first time ever there will be a Ferosh Art Exhibit that focuses on the art of many Second Life artists and photographers. I can guarantee that you will see some incredible creative work there. Continue reading

Let Me Win

Summer is almost here! Who else is excited?! Let’s geek out in our fancy new swimwear, play some games, and have a blast!

Let Me Win

“Babe. You’re suppose to let me win!” Ok, ok, I have to be honest, Portia would not say that. She’s actually quite good at the games we do play together. If anything it’s me trying to keep up with her. At least when it comes to The Elder Scrolls Online. We decided to spend the night in last night and just relax. It started out that way at least. After hours of gaming and loads of food that is probably not great for us we ended up tangled in a pool float. Who would win, the “magic glowy spell slinging” mage Portia or the “light things on fire with burning arrows” hunter Lucky?! NOBODY KNOWS! Continue reading