May The Twenty-Fourth Awakens: BIRTHDAY EDITION

Episode 1: The Portia Awakens….

Yep, that’s right. Today is my birthday and, wonder of wonders, I was able to SLEEP IN! In spite of the ridiculous heat, high pollen count, and insomnia that’s been kicking my ass all week, SLEEP HAPPENED!

May the Fourth - AWAKE.png

When the question of what I would like to do today arose, it may surprise some of you to hear that my first answer was “blog the Star Wars picture we took on the fourth!” Maybe it doesn’t surprise everyone, though.😉 Lucky and I are huge fans of the genre and, even as I’m writing this post, our music stream is playing some of the greatest movie music ever written.❤ Continue reading

Learning Your A-B-C’s (Part One of I-don’t-know-how-many!)

Okay, wow. So. This is turning into quite the project, isn’t it?

Are you as excited as I am to be doing this? (I certainly hope so!)

So today we begin with pretty, pretty horses, but I promise we’ll get a little farther this time.😀 We’re going to talk about Awesome Breed Creations (ABC) in a general way to start. We’ll have a peek at the mainshop with a very broad overview of what an interested outsider (ie. me) would be interested to know about the special features ABC has to offer.

ABC Intro 1 600 ( Pretty, right? It’s even nicer at 4048x. :D)

Teleporting onto the sim is easy, the landmark is right here, and you’ll notice immediately that the place is just beautiful. Horses everywhere! As you’re able to see in the picture above (and probably every other picture I take for the next three months), there are a ton of beautiful, beautiful options as well. This is the first thing that struck me about ABC and the thing that I can’t help but revisit when I ask myself if I really want to try another breedable:

They’re just so pretty. Continue reading

Three Months

This post is for me but you can read it if you like.

I was having trouble writing my post tonight when it occurred to me; images are easier than words right now. It wasn’t always the case. Three months ago, I lived in sunshine with grass and trees and butterflies. I wore yellow and white and blue. I was happier and well on my way to realizing the future I’ve always wanted for myself. I felt important, wanted, and worthy.

Logic tells me I am still all of these things but we all know how seldom thoughts and feelings align. Continue reading

From Dark to Light

Today is a day of firsts for me. In my earlier post, I shared the first tattoo I’ve worn here (that you’ve seen😉 ) and now, well, have a look!

I’m kind of psyched to be sharing these outfits, as well as these new pictures, with you; I’ve been working harder than ever on this blog, challenging myself to try different things, to accessorize more, and generally add more interest to everything I do. Maybe I’ve never worn a corset before (and that’s saying something as a three-year SL resident) but after some careful consideration as I put these outfits together I’ve come to realize .. I really like them!

And even better? Every outfit piece I’m using in this post (aside from the goooorgeous .:NV . corsets, foil eye makeup from League, and a pair of gacha earrings from The Arcade) has been in my inventory for weeks, months, or in a few cases, years! Maybe you won’t be able to duplicate these outfits exactly (who’d want to do that, anyway?), but the concept of reinventing yourself with what you have is especially helpful this time of year. Continue reading

WoC #24 ~ Raspberry Glace

Maybe I’m just tired this weekend, but the idea of lounging around in sock feet, undies, and a comfortable cami was simply too heavenly to resist. In this picture you can see Truth’s new Leticia hair (lovely, lovely) and no, you won’t get to see any more of my underwear than this. I promise they’re very pretty, though, as is everything from *BOOM*.😀

( Click for a larger picture/moar pillows/ etc. ) Continue reading

A Romp in the Park

Happy Weekend, everyone!

I have to say, I’ve been fantasizing about this trip to the park ever since coldLogic released its new line of mesh ROMPERS but between this, that, and the other thing, it’s taken me an unheard-of EIGHT DAYS to get this post together. What the heck, right?

Anyway, like every coldLogic release since the beginning of time (or, you know, this year), these rompers are flipping CUTE, stylish, and perfectly easy to wear. Idina, compulsive fatpacker that she is, and I (recently converted quantum pack queen) spent quite a bit of time co-ordinating outfits for the next few shots to give you an idea of the different styles available at coldLogic right this very minute. We hope you like them!

Click for a larger image, whee! Continue reading

A Foggy Day (CHIC², part 2)

Bonjour!  CHIC² opens TODAY at 4SLT! Magnifique!

This is just one of the gorgeous display booths at CHIC² – I’m still amazed by the bazillion-and-four designers’ creativity and imagination. The clothes are amazing, of course, and the CHIC furniture and makeup and skin and hair and jewelry and/and/and/etc. are just staggeringly good. I’ll say, though, that I’ve never been to an event where I just wanted to hop into every booth and snap a few pictures for my personal collection. We can thank (fluke) for this wicked little bistro set, all mesh, and less than twenty prims! I’m wearing one of the coffee cups (copy/mod, whee!) and sporting one of STATUS‘ great new ‘Coffee and Cigs’ poses, coffee and cigs included. The dress. Sigh. Geometry. Just wait till you see it in-world. The back detail (not shown, sadly) will blow your socks off. So make sure you’re wearing socks. Continue reading